The Brewery

Meet our new Head Brewer, David Jennings.

David Jennings calls himself an honorary Dayton “native,” graduating high school in 1984 at Carroll High School and then attending the University of Dayton after a brief spell in San Diego, California where he first fell in love with something called “craft” beer.

After a family tragedy in 2005, which claimed the lives of his 19-year old son along with both of his parents, David moved his family to Denver, Colorado to begin a journey of healing.

During his ten years in Denver, David was blessed with the opportunity to learn the art and science of brewing, first by his backyard home-brewing neighbor and best friend and then by Dr. Paul Ogg (Declaration Brewing) while working at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. The school’s fermentation science club afforded introductions to the professional brewing world at Cannonball Creek Brewing (Golden, CO) and Elk Mountain Brewing (Parker, CO). Dave says “All of those guys are rock stars and I learned a lot about making some really great beer and what it takes to own and run a brewery.”

In addition to his brewing industry addiction, you could often find him working as a soccer coach for the local high schools, a ski instructor, hiking, fly fishing and cycling all over the Colorado Rockies, or simply enjoying a conversation with a stranger and a pint at one of Denver’s numerous craft breweries.

David saw opportunity in Dayton and returned in 2015 to take advantage of this opportunity. He was most recently the assistant brewer at Fifth Street Brewpub located in St. Anne’s Hill neighborhood of Dayton. During his time at FSB he has helped head brewer, Darren Link, garner two gold medals and bronze in the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championships.